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Leica Q

Leica Q

The Verge has a longer preview.


Today, though, the German manufacturer is stepping out of the shadows and introducing the Leica Q, a beautiful small camera with some powerful attributes. It features a 24-megapixel, full-frame CMOS sensor, an ISO range of up to 50,000, a 3-inch, 1.04 million-dot LCD screen, NFC, WiFi and 1080p video-recording at 30 or 60 fps. Leica says the sensor powering the Q was custom built for it, designed to work perfectly in conjunction with the Summilux 28mm f/1.7 fixed lens. ... The Leica Q is available now for a cool $4,250

What They Look Like: Mel Bles


Like to see more work from her. Meanwhile here's an interview with her.

Michal Pudelka

Michal Pudelka

I agree with the below sentiment in the WWD article. This guy will rise high, and thanks to Valentino, fast.

We had already seen a preview of Valentino's SS 2015 campaign here.

Valentino should
also be commended for the cast of models they've been hiring lately. Model to be included in this campaign will be Maartje Verhoef, Grace Simmons, Hedvig Palm, Vanessa Moody, & Clémentine Deraedt.


Valentino’s creative directors Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli have tapped a relatively unknown photographer for their spring ad campaign: Michal Pudelka of Slovakia. The campaign is his first major international project and, in an interview with WWD, the designers underscored the importance of supporting a younger generation, also seen through the imminent opening of a sartorial school and the entry of new artisans at Valentino’s atelier in Rome’s Palazzo Mignanelli.

“We are happy with the opportunity to work with this photographer, a person of great talent,” Chiuri said. “Talent must be supported. He is not well known, but we were impressed by his images; you can see strength and fragility at the same time. His aesthetic taste is poetic, and he has a cinematographic vision. He is not informed on fashion, he has more of an artistic path and it’s interesting to see how he works, with preparatory sketches, as he draws the sets for the photos.”

His website.

Phase One & Alpa's A-Series Medium Format Cameras



Phase One:

The A-series combines the finest components across lenses, mirrorless body, digital backs and software. It is the first in its class to introduce exclusive workflow features based on lens factory calibrations and new software processing.

This makes A-series not only the highest quality system, but also much easier and more fun to use when capturing medium format images.

Each A-series lens delivers incredible edge-to-edge sharpness with the ability to perfectly resolve the quality of a full frame medium format sensor up to 80 megapixels.

The A-series lens collection has been specifically selected and factory calibrated to get the most out of each medium format sensor. The lenses range from ultra-wide 23mm, wide 35mm and all-round 70mm.

The new Phase One lens factory calibration is individually made for each A-series system allowing photographers to simply select the lens and start shooting.
Photographers familiar with having to manually create and apply LCC profiles will instantly know how big of an improve- ment this is; and for those who don’t know, A-series replaces the need to learn.

With A-series you simply start capturing medium format images without having to focus on anything else other than creating something truly great.

For A-series we built a new version of Capture Pilot allowing you to check current selection of A-lens directly from your iOS device. Once images are captured, they are wirelessly displayed in Capture Pilot, allowing you to validate focus, exposure and composition.

Furthermore, the A250 has the ability to stream Live View wirelessly which is great for focus assist and composition.

By using the new ALPA smart device holder, it is also possible to mount both iPhones and iPads directly on the camera.

A-series-brochure-web-2 A-series-brochure-web-2 A-series-brochure-web-2 A-series-brochure-web-2

What They Look Like: Harley Weir

Harley Weir

From a 2012 interview with Bullet:

Starting so young, how do you feel the Internet affected the trajectory of your career?
Without it, there would be no career. The internet was completely my portal into photography. I think that is the case with pretty much everyone these days. I started off posting my pictures on the internet. Someone liked them, some other people started liking them, and it sort of bubbled away like that. The internet has been very good for me.

Leica '100'

Good ad, but a bit hyperbolical of them to say, towards the end: "The most iconic images in history, even if the ones that weren't taken by a Leica, were taken because of a Leica. We didnt invent photography, but we invented photography".


A new Leica "100" advertisement, relating to the Leica 100 year centennial and celebrating the opening of the Leica Gallery in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It recreates 35 historical Leica photos.

Steven Klein’s Hamptons Home

Steven Klein’s Hamptons Home

Architectural Digest

Steven Klein’s Hamptons Home 1 Steven Klein’s Hamptons Home 1 Steven Klein’s Hamptons Home 1 Steven Klein’s Hamptons Home 1 Steven Klein’s Hamptons Home 1 Steven Klein’s Hamptons Home 1 Steven Klein’s Hamptons Home 1 Steven Klein’s Hamptons Home 1

In Fellowship


By Chadwick Tyler

iOS 8 Camera Controls

Joshua Ho:

To be clear, iOS 8 will expose just about every manual camera control possible. This means that ISO, shutter speed, focus, white balance, and exposure bias can be manually set within a custom camera application. Outside of these manual controls, Apple has also added gray card functionality to bypass the auto white balance mechanism and both EV bracketing and shutter speed/ISO bracketing.

What They Look Like: David Bellemere

David Bellemere