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Prestige Is So Yesterday


Trend continues: Social follower number$' where the money flows.

Ad Age:

Estee Lauder Cos., seeking to ride on Kendall Jenner's ever-growing coattails and 30 million social-media followers, has hired the model to represent its flagship cosmetics brand worldwide.


"Although perhaps not a 'prestige' move, the company needs to attract a younger audience," said Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. analyst Ali Dibadj. "Social media broadly, and this signing in particular, may be a step in the right direction for some of its brands."

Yesterday Anna Wintour put it another way: "I think if we just remain deeply tasteful and just put deeply tasteful people on the cover, it would be a rather boring magazine!"

Jenner has the main link of her Instagram account pointing to Estee Lauder.

Anna Wintour On Vogue US' Leniency On Taste



On that Kontroversial Kimye Kover [Anna Wintour]:
"I see the role of Vogue to reflect what's going on in the culture. The first celebrity that I put on the cover of Vogue was Madonna, and that was considered completely controversial at the time, too. It's such a long time ago probably no one remembers, but she was a very controversial figure. Now she's part of the establishment. I think if we just remain deeply tasteful and just put deeply tasteful people on the cover, it would be a rather boring magazine! Nobody would talk about us. It's very important that people do talk about us. Going back to Estée Lauder's decision to make Kendall Jenner the face of Estée Lauder. What a fantastic decision that was! They have a wonderful brand that's very traditionally American, and they decided they want to shake it up and reach a different audience. Now and again one has to do things like that. I think it's part of the excitement and part of being a journalist. I hope another Kim Kardashian comes along this year!"

So many disses in this quote.


Isaac Asimov Jonathan Nolan

The Wrap:

HBO and Warner Bros. TV are teaming to produce a series based on Isaac Asimov's “Foundation” trilogy that will be written and produced by “Interstellar” writer Jonathan Nolan, multiple individuals familiar with the project have told TheWrap.

Nolan, who is already working with HBO on “Westworld,” has been quietly developing the project for the last several months. He recently tipped his hand to Indiewire, which asked him, ‘what's the one piece of science fiction you truly love that people don't know enough about?’

“Well, I fucking love the ‘Foundation’ novels by Isaac Asimov. They're certainly not [unknown], but that's a set of books I think everyone would benefit from reading. That's a set of books where the influence they have is just fucking massive. They have many imitators and many have been inspired by them, but go back and read those, and there are some ideas in those that'll set your fucking hair on fire,” Nolan told Indiewire.



WWD: Fashion Industry and Friends Remember Oscar de la Renta

Francisco Costa, women's creative director for Calvin Klein Collection: “I’m really upset. I started my career with him and worked there six years. He taught me a lot. It was always very family-like. It’s very tender to think that he left in such a way. We are going to miss him. He was a father to me in a way. He really embraced everyone in the studio, not just me. I’m sorry I didn’t get to spend more time with him. He was a man of beauty. He surrounded himself with beauty; he surrounded himself with the best. I don’t think there’s another person today who understands living, the sort of fine line between old and new, in a sense. He embraced the sensibility of the old with the great style of how we live today. He lived, full-on. Everything was important to him. The scent, the color, the way he set a table, the way he entertained, the way he greeted people. Also his kindness, his charity. With kids, schools, he always gave back. I also love the fact that he was a fighter. Oscar had a fantastic sense of humor. He could be quite tough. Not mean, but quite twisted. Which is wonderful to think that he still had that sense of humor. He could fight and instigate. He was that kind of man. I was very pleased to have been part of his world.”

Also: Anna Wintour Remembers Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta Dead At 82


NY Times:

Oscar de la Renta, the doyen of American fashion, whose career began in the 1950s in Franco’s Spain and sprawled across the better living rooms of Paris and New York, and who was the last survivor of that generation of bold, all-seeing tastemakers, died on Monday at his home in Kent, Conn. He was 82.

His death was confirmed by his wife, Annette de la Renta.

Flying Rumor: Shayne Oliver to Replace Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy

Shayne Oliver

User jilslander on fashin:

Apparently Shayne Oliver has been approached to replace Riccardo at Givenchy

In response to "where did you hear that" he replies:

From a colleague but can't exactly sayyy

Let's take this with a grain of salt, for now, but why it could be a possiblity. Riccardo joined Givenchy in 2005 and next year will mark his 10 year helm; he might want to start a new chapter in his life. Shayne Oliver has the buzz and talent and hence Givenchy's possible interest in him.

In his 032c interview:

So what are your ambitions? Where is this thing in 20 years? Where are you?

I think HBA is like a house of commentary that has a viewpoint. I wanna make actual physical spaces and figure out more how to blend the different worlds and realities. It’s funny how kids are around each other. It’s weird how technology is acting as our subconscious. It’s about figuring out how to relate that to the actual adult world. That stuff interests me. Having a school of HBA and constantly teaching people what’s on in this world. I’m always about listening to what makes me feel like I’m old. I never question. I always think kids got it going on. You know they’re the ones affected by it, so they know. Cause even if it’s hyperreal or it’s fake, that means the world is becoming fake. We should all pay attention to what they’re saying.

"Never tell anybody outside the family what you're thinking again." —Don Corleone to Sonny


Dov Update & The Artistic Realm

American Apparel Instagram
American Apparel/Instagram

While the New York Times reported on 29 September that American Apparel Hires New Interim Chief Executive, yesterday Bloomberg reported that American Apparel [is] Said to Be Open to Keeping Charney:

The retailer, which ousted Charney as CEO almost four months ago in an acrimonious split, is considering giving him a new role, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the deliberations are private. In the meantime, Charney is serving as a paid strategic consultant.


Despite the feud, Charney has stayed active at the chain, including giving instructions to staff and visiting stores, according to some of the people.

In recent news:

Daily Beast: In Defense of American Apparel: Why a Hitched-Up Skirt Barely Conceals a Profound Social Confusion

Blame American Apparel, call them smut peddlers, tut and criticize all you like; and then turn the pages of the Daily Mail’s website for pictures perving over Taylor Swift’s “thigh-skimming frock,” featuring “sheer blue gingham fabric…hark(ing) back to schoolgirl summer uniforms with a pretty pointed flat white collar.”

In Relation, Brooke Shields, in 2011:

Keith Haring once apologised to her for objectifying her by using her Calvin Klein image next to a naked guy’s. “I was like, ‘Are you kidding? It’s a huge compliment!’ I guess if I’d fallen prey to someone, or become a statistic and fallen into drugs, then it would be different, but I stayed unscathed. Becoming part of pop culture, part of the art, made it less personal.” After all, she points out, Pretty Baby was made by Louis Malle, and The Blue Lagoon shot by renowned cinematographer Néstor Almendros: “I wasn’t on 42nd Street being photographed with a little camera. I was never out of the artistic realm.”

Earlier in the same Shields article:

She may be hamming it up, but Brooke Shields knows every highway and byway of child stardom. She was a shampoo advert model at the age of 11 months; at 12 she was playing a pre-teen prostitute in Pretty Baby. She made The Blue Lagoon and Endless Love as a teenager. A Calvin Klein jeans advertisement she posed for in 1980, aged 15, featured her purring, “Nothing comes between me and my Calvins.”

The same year, she became the youngest cover model of Vogue and was reputed to be earning $10,000 a day.