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Category: New Faces

Sarah Vestmar (Development)

Sarah Vestmar (Unique)

16 year old Sarah Vestmar (Unique), Instagram

Emilie Evander

Emilie Evander

Scouted at 11, now 15. Following her braces coming off, this month she landed Alexander Wang Show, followed by Gucci exclusive, followed by interview with So, we're keeping an eye on where she goes from here. She's with Why Not Milan, Major Paris, and I believe Wilhelmina NY.



Opened Prada today, with The Lions.

Anotonia & Rhiannon

Anotonia Anotonia
Two girls to keep an eye on. Still young but show promise.

Paris (Development)

Paris 2 Paris 2
Paris with Work Model Australia.

Barbie for Vein Magazine

Barbie for Vein Magazine 1 Barbie for Vein Magazine 1

Barbie for Vein Magazine 2 Barbie for Vein Magazine 2

Anastasia Dezhina (Development)

Anastasia Dezhina

Anastasia Dezhina (Women France | UNO Spain)

Ichelle Streekstra (Development)

Ichelle Streekstra

Ichelle Streekstra (VDM)

Lera Koss (Development)

Lera Koss

Lera Koss (Core Management)

Verena Koerner (Development)


Verena (IMG Australia)