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Juliette Perkins

Juliette Perkins +


Atypical Models

Fall-2015-unique-beauty-makeup-F Strange Beauty: How Atypical Models Have Invigorated Fashion

In recent seasons, the prominence of minimalist uniformity resulted in models whose nonchalant cool and sophistication mirrored the streamlined clothes they wore on the runway. The rise of pristine beauties like Julia Nobis and Vanessa Axente corresponded with the trend toward austerity. “I think that there has been a recent fad for a kind of girl-next-door ambivalence,” says casting director Angus Munro, the man behind shows like Rick Owens and Ann Demeulemeester. “That being said, some of the most exciting and beautiful new faces I have ever seen are products of the last few seasons.” In a time when fashion is once again embracing eclecticism, the model pendulum is swinging back toward uniqueness.

More than ever imperfections matter—with thousands of models flooding the market at any given moment, the girls who stand out have to be more than just pretty faces. Peculiar beauty resonates not just with casting directors but also online, where social media and user-powered forums have given models added cachet. With more models being scouted via Facebook and Instagram, it’s often the quirkiest faces that make an impact—

Sarah Vestmar (Development)

Sarah Vestmar (Unique)

16 year old Sarah Vestmar (Unique), Instagram

Kode With Karlie Kloss


“As you may know, I’m a model, ballerina, and cookie expert. I work in fashion and get to be part of this amazing, creative, and imaginative industry. Over the last year I started taking coding classes and realized how creative coding is. Similar to dancing and fashion, coding is a form of self-expression.”

Flatiron School:

Flatiron School is partnering with Karlie Kloss to create the Kode with Karlie Scholarship. The scholarship will give 20 girls across the country free tuition to Flatiron Pre-College Academy's Introduction to Software Engineering course.

Vogue UK Profiles Kate Upton


Vogue: Kate Upton: Venus Rising

Terry Richardson found himself on the receiving end of her wrath in May 2012, when he uploaded his now infamous video of Upton in a teeny-weeny bikini doing the Cat Daddy, a dance craze that appears to involve a lot of grinding, "paws" aloft. The video received millions of hits on Youtube - not to mention a number of slow-motion versions for the more discerning customer - but, at the time, Upton was horrified because the behind-the-scenes video had been filmed for fun, not something she expected would make the final cut. Did she stand up to Richardson when she discovered it had gone viral? "Yes, I did. I was like, 'That was disrespectful, you could have told me!'" She couldn't stay angry: the video helped to secure Upton's global fame. "Now, obviously, it's fine," she says. I ask Richardson whether he feels somewhat responsible for Upton's rise to fame. "No," he demurs, "Kate was born a star."

Tisci on the Models He Adores

Riccardo-tisci Riccardo Tisci on the Models He Adores and the Careers He’s Made

Which girls have really impressed you with their personality over the years?

I remember discovering Lara Stone. She was an exclusive, and she came here by accident to see me because of her friend. I fell in love with this girl—and she was very different compared with the girls at that moment. She has a beautiful form, but she was not the classic skinny girl. [I] fell in love with that. Her story is beautiful to me because I think it shows why it is so important to meet each girl in person—without that personal interaction, you can’t get a sense of who the girl really is. I’m open to moving beyond the castings where it’s just about using the girls of the moment. I use some of them, but I like to see beyond the surface, to see the character of the girls and support those who aren’t necessarily the trend of the moment.


Natasha Poly. I was the first one to organize papers to make Natasha come to Italy. This was before designing for Givenchy. The first job I gave her was a campaign for a label where I was working, and since then she’s done all my shows. The same [with] Joan Smalls. I remember the first time they sent me the picture of this beautiful black girl, and I was like, “Wow, can we fly her in and see her?” She came, and I remember she was very shy. She did three days of a couture fitting with me, and then I put her in exclusivity, and she was doing my prêt-à-porter as her first show, and then look at what she has become today. And many other ones, like Saskia [de Brauw]. Now at the moment I’ve got a few newer models whom I’m obsessed [with], like Greta [Varlese] and Stella Lucia.

Got it

It’s easy to chart which girls are walking the best shows based off numbers, but who are fashion luminaries really noticing?

Inside International Model Apartments

Laura Andrea Kell

Laura Andrea kell writing for Styleite:

It sounds like something straight out of MTV: Take a bunch of young and beautiful people from all walks of life and move them into shared living quarters. Put them in stressful situations. Have them compete against each other. Typical reality show formula, right?

That’s basically what life is like as a model living in agency apartments around the world: zero privacy, shared bedrooms, exorbitant rent rates, and underage roommates that speak minimal English are all the norm.

Models & Actors Diversification

That's Cara in the official 'Paper Towns' Movie Poster. And that's Shailene Woodley for US Elle April 2015 by Michael Thompson.

Models are recognizing the difference between being a model and an actor: One is being famous in this industry (for the most part), the other being famous to the whole wide world. Also the money is a whole lot more if you make it as an actress.

Actors also recognize the value of modeling. Both monetarily and keeping their face fresh between movies.

In the finance world they call this diversifying.

And that's why Karlie could have recently left VS: to pay attention to acting. It's now rumored she's gotten her self a role in Zoolander 2; a role supposedly Gigi declined.

Lottie Moss Makes Her Runway Debut

Lottie Moss

For Sonia Rykiel.