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Category: Models

Ophelie Guillermand & Sasha Luss

Ophelie Guillermand & Sasha Luss after Atelier Versace Haute Couture F.W 14.15 Paris

Yana van Ginneken (Development)

Yana van Ginneken (Ulla)

Yana van Ginneken (Ulla)

Kendall Jenner's Society Soccer Jersey

Kendall Jenner Soccer Jersey 1 Kendall Jenner Soccer Jersey 1
Question 1: Did The Society Management hand these out to all their girls?
Question 2: If yes, did they all get the No.10 on their jersey?

If yes. The end.

If No: Then why did she get the No.10? Was it intentional?

In soccer the No.10 has become significant over the years:

A) Some of the most famous/important players wore the No.10, including: Pelé, Maradona, Messi, Neymar, Zidane, Platini, & Ronaldinho.
B) The "Number 10" in Soccer:

The “number 10” is arguably the most important position in soccer. Any player on the field is allowed to wear 10 in the modern game, but traditionally people refer to the facilitator of the team as this number. This player controls the pace of the game and his teammates follow suit. When kit numbers were first introduced to soccer, the starting 11 players were given numbers based on their positions. The number 10 coincidentally fell on the players positioned just behind the forward(s) as central attacking midfielders. Players like Diego Maradona and Pelé wore 10, and the number soon took on a legacy of its own. Many famous players, like Wesley Sneijder, are classified as number 10’s, but wear other numbers for their clubs. Every soccer team needs a chance-creator and professional clubs pay fortunes for these players.


Ella Dieke In 'Because of You" Music Video

★ Ella Dieke (Development)

Ella Dieke 2

Truly exceptional Dutch new face who somehow flew under my radar the past 6 months. Each of these agencies have a different set of images for her, and all worth seeing her in.

Ella Dieke (Fresh MM Netherlands | Blow Spain | IMM Bruxelles | IMG Australia | Iconic Germany | HMM LA)

Ella Dieke 1 Ella Dieke 1

Selina (Development)

Selina (Chic Australia) 1 Selina (Chic Australia) 1
Selina (Chic Australia)

Brittni Tucker (Development)

Brittni Tucker

Brittni Tucker (Donna BaldwinRevolution)

Laura Julie (Development)

Laura Julie Le Management (Denmark)

Laura Julie (Le Management Denmark)

Muna Mahamed (Development)

Muna Mahamed (Tjarda) by Yorick Nubé

Muna Mahamed (Tjarda) by Yorick Nubé

Muna Mahamed (Tjarda) by Yorick Nubé  1 Muna Mahamed (Tjarda) by Yorick Nubé  1

Saadi (Development)

Saadi Saadi
Saadi (Elvis | Union)


Fiona & Grace (Pride)

Fiona & Grace (Pride)

Trine Christensen (Development)

Trine Christensen 1 Trine Christensen 1
Trine Christensen (Unique)