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Paris (Development)

Paris 2 Paris 2
Paris with Work Model Australia.

Sistine Stallone

Sistine Rose Stallone

Sylvester Stallone's 16 year old daughter, featured by Teen Vogue.

Sistine Rose Stallone may be only 16, but she already has three editorial shoots under her belt (this exclusive peek inside her home for Teen Vogue included), a catalog of very public family vacation snaps courtesy of the tabloids, and two thriving but completely fake Twitter accounts. "Fans can be a little crazy," she says, like a seasoned spotlight veteran. "Sometimes they go too far by pretending that they're you. My sisters and I, we haven't done much, but there are already fake social media pages for us!"


Robyn Lawley SI Robyn Lawley SI

Robyn Lawley Becomes First Plus-size Model to Appear In 'Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit' Issue

People Magazine back in 2012:

Crystal Renn, Former Plus-Size Model, Poses for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Caroline Trentini In Kim Kardashian Satire?



With a little help from my LOVE friends 👊👊👊 THANK YOU @panosyiapanis @kegrand @thelovemagazine @sammymourabit @stevenkleinstudio @bitton @akki👊👊👊Nova revista LOVEMAGAZINE ( com ajudinha dos amigos , é claro 😉)

SI Goes Plus Size


Yahoo! Style:

If Kate Upton's Sports Illustrated cracked the mold when it comes to the sample-sized models who typically land near-naked magazine covers, Ashley Graham is about to shatter it. When the magazine’s annual swimsuit issue hits newsstands on Feb. 9, look for the plus-size model in its pages. The 26-year-old will be featured in an ad for swimsuitsforall, marking the first time SI will incorporate a campaign for plus-size swimwear.

Even more reason for my prediction to come true.

That Lieke

Lieke de Jong 1 Lieke de Jong 1
You guys remember Lieke de Jong, seeing her here on the Spijkers en Spijkers' runway.

Charlotte McKinney Regarding Comparison To Kate Upton



Everyone is calling you the next Kate Upton. How do you feel about that?
It's pretty obvious. We both have blonde hair, we're from Florida, and we have enormous tits. It's super flattering to me. Her career is amazing. But I'm ready to have that tossed away and start making a name for myself. Hopefully we both have a totally different realm. But it is flattering.

International Business Times:

McKinney also shared her thoughts about being dubbed as the “next Kate Upton” during the interview.  When asked whether she likes being compared to the Sports Illustrated model, Charlotte claimed she doesn’t compare herself to Kate at all and said they’re both totally different people. However, she also complimented Upton for doing a wonderful job at her career.

Anastasia Dezhina (Development)

Anastasia Dezhina

Anastasia Dezhina (Women France | UNO Spain)

Ichelle Streekstra (Development)

Ichelle Streekstra

Ichelle Streekstra (VDM)

Candice Swanepoel' Mother Denim

Candice-swaenpol-denim-collaboration-1 Candice-swaenpol-denim-collaboration-1 Candice Swanepoel On Her New Nineties-Inspired Mother Denim Collaboration