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Veroniek Gielkens

Zoe Aggeliki by Yorick Nubé

Unia Pakhomova (Development)

Unia Pakhomova

Stunning model (example), here shot by Remi Kozdra & Kasia Baczulis

Unia Pakhomova (City Paris)

The State Of Modeling

Tess Holiday

Myla Dalbesio writing for Elle:

A modeling agent spoke to me frankly, putting concrete numbers into place. “10 thousand [followers] is a drop in the bucket,” he said. “At 100 thousand you become a contender. 500 thousand means you’re really in the game. At one million, that’s when people will really start to take you seriously.”


Take Tess Holliday as an example. A 5'5" tall, size 22 fashion blogger and body activist, she started the wildly popular #effyourbodystandards hashtag, and parlayed her 600k+ followers into a contract with Milk Model Management, becoming the first woman of her size to sign to a major agency.

Listen to Willow Hand Sing

Willow Hand

Face of Prada's upcoming Pre-Fall 2015 campaign.


So happy to finally play again❤️🎶🎸

A video posted by Willow Hand (@willow.hand) on Apr 15, 2015 at 1:24pm PDT

The Daughter

Luz Sanchez

Luz Sanchez

Alex Farnworth

Alex Farnworth

With Select. We just saw her in this editorial.

Alex Farnworth 1 Alex Farnworth 1

Armenian Beauty

Rubina Khanzadyan

Update: LA Models

Rubina Khanzadyan, also goes by Rubina Dyan, by David Mushegain. Not clear what agency, if any, she's with, but fits the more exotic look. Few more random images of her here. PS: The color didn't come out good when I uploaded the image, but you'll see it better at the photographer's page.


Juliette Perkins

Juliette Perkins +


Atypical Models

Fall-2015-unique-beauty-makeup-F Strange Beauty: How Atypical Models Have Invigorated Fashion

In recent seasons, the prominence of minimalist uniformity resulted in models whose nonchalant cool and sophistication mirrored the streamlined clothes they wore on the runway. The rise of pristine beauties like Julia Nobis and Vanessa Axente corresponded with the trend toward austerity. “I think that there has been a recent fad for a kind of girl-next-door ambivalence,” says casting director Angus Munro, the man behind shows like Rick Owens and Ann Demeulemeester. “That being said, some of the most exciting and beautiful new faces I have ever seen are products of the last few seasons.” In a time when fashion is once again embracing eclecticism, the model pendulum is swinging back toward uniqueness.

More than ever imperfections matter—with thousands of models flooding the market at any given moment, the girls who stand out have to be more than just pretty faces. Peculiar beauty resonates not just with casting directors but also online, where social media and user-powered forums have given models added cachet. With more models being scouted via Facebook and Instagram, it’s often the quirkiest faces that make an impact—

Sarah Vestmar (Development)

Sarah Vestmar (Unique)

16 year old Sarah Vestmar (Unique), Instagram