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Anders Haal


O32c: Blue Sky Agenda: Designer ANDERS HAAL in Conversation with 032c

ANDERS HAAL is a Stockholm-based designer who, after completing his studies at Beckmans School of Design, moved on to become first designer at Ann-Sofie Back Atelje. In late 2013, he left the company to start his own label, HAAL, which was quickly picked up by forward-thinking retailers such as LN-CC and Opening Ceremony. His second collection, which debuts here, features HAAL models digitally plastered across big city billboards set against blue sky backdrops. 032c spoke with Haal about hacking, big brand mentalities, and carefree living.

Ellen DeGeneres Turns Designer

Ellen DeGeneres Vogue

All these concepts are channeled into the collections that will start modestly enough with a capsule holiday line, then build up to a sprawling portfolio that includes everything from cheerful ceramic plates to playful stationery to rugs, bedding, garden tools, and candles. There will be accessibly priced men’s and women’s clothing that reflects Ellen’s enduringly classic, collegiate style (leavened with dresses that suggest Portia’s understated, feminine sensibility). All will be sold through the E.D. Web site (launching in spring 2015), retail partners (still to be named), and pop-up shops. Ellen’s strategy may not be novel—this is the era of Aerin, Martha, Blake, Gwyneth, after all—but her endgame is ambitious. She envisions nothing less than global brand domination, to reposition herself as the design icon of elevated-lifestyle taste. “When I someday decide to stop doing the show,” she has said, “my entire focus is going to be design.”

Wang’s H&M

Download Alexander Wang’s Collection for H&M Revealed in Full!

Melitta Baumeister

Melitta Baumeister

The Last Magazine:

With incredible fashion talent seemingly growing on trees these days—the work of the CFDA Fashion Incubator provides ample evidence—an aspiring designer may find it near impossible to create something original, something that stands out. But Melitta Baumeister has done just that.

Born into a family of tailors, the German designer was always surrounded by clothing and an “interest in making it.” She attended a fashion-oriented high school and then an art-related fashion program at Pforzheim University in Germany. During her last year there, she met Shelley Fox, the director of the MFA program at Parsons. “Fox’s way of approaching fashion convinced me to dive deeper into an exploration of my own design language,” says Baumeister.

Watch Prada S.S 2015 Show With Gemma Ward

Skip the first 5min:30sec as nothing is happening.

NYFW S.S 2015 Select Openers & Closers

Marc Jacobs Opener Joan Smalls (IMG) Marc Jacobs Opener Joan Smalls (IMG)
Marc Jacobs
    Opener: Joan Smalls (IMG)
    Closer: Daphne Groeneveld (Women)

Thanks for Tyler (intern) for collecting this data. These designers either stood out for me and/or they're model influentials, and so we're looking at their choice of models opening & closing their shows.

Calvin Klein Opener Elena Peter (The Society) Calvin Klein Opener Elena Peter (The Society)
Calvin Klein
    Opener: Elena Peter (The Society)
    Closer: Elena Peter (The Society)

Proenza Schouler Opener Angel Rutledge (The Lions) Proenza Schouler Opener Angel Rutledge (The Lions)
Proenza Schouler
    Opener: Angel Rutledge (The Lions)
    Closer: Julia Bergshoeff (DNA)

Marc by Marc Jacobs Opener Natali Eidelman (Why Not Milan, No Agency in NYC) Marc by Marc Jacobs Opener Natali Eidelman (Why Not Milan, No Agency in NYC)
Marc by Marc Jacobs
    Opener: Natali Eidelman (Why Not Milan, Unknown in NY)
    Closer: Lera Tribel (Next)

Rodarte Opener Jamie Bochert (The Lions) Rodarte Opener Jamie Bochert (The Lions)
    Opener: Jamie Bochert (The Lions)
    Closer: Holly May Saker (Trump)

The Row Opener Kristina Petrosiute (No Agency) The Row Opener Kristina Petrosiute (No Agency)
The Row
    Opener: Kristina Petrosiute (No Agency)
    Closer: Cassi Van Den Dungen (Silent)

Versus Versace Opener Anna Ewers (Women) Versus Versace Opener Anna Ewers (Women)
Versus Versace
    Opener: Anna Ewers (Women)
    Closer: Anja Rubik (IMG)

Thakoon Opener Stasha Yatchuk (Women) Thakoon Opener Stasha Yatchuk (Women)
    Opener: Stasha Yatchuk (Women)
    Closer: Agne Konciute (Next)

Altuzarra Opener Vanessa Axente (DNA) Altuzarra Opener Vanessa Axente (DNA)
    Opener: Vanessa Axente (DNA)
    Closer: Kati Nescher (DNA)

Alexander Wang Opener Vanessa Moody (Women) Alexander Wang Opener Vanessa Moody (Women)
Alexander Wang
    Opener: Vanessa Moody (Women)
    Closer: Anna Ewers (Women)

Iris Van Herpen Show Description

Iris Van Herpen

Iris Van Herpen:

In the recent past, patents on our genes have been purchased. Are we still the sole proprietor of our bodies?

From this question arises a sense of arrested freedom in one's most intimate, solitary state.
A mix of ready-to-wear and couture pieces is presented with artist Lawrence Malstaf -who specializes in the interaction between biology and physicality.

Models float in the air, embryonic, seemingly weightless and in a meditative suspended animation. Metamorphosis is suggested through intricate enmeshing of materials. Imprisoned fire opal beads gleam through lacerated weaves, artificial fibers compose voluminous, architectural structures, the organic ripple of light on water.

A 3D printing collaboration with Julia Koerner fuses the artisanal with the technical to create a kinetic dress which dances as it amplifies bodily movement. Molded boots in collaboration with United Nude accelerate and reconfigure the silhouette.

The 3 models used were: Iekeline Stange, Soo Joo Park, & Hannelore Knuts. (More images)

“I salute the work of Marc Jacobs, whose legacy I wholeheartedly hope to honour.”


The Cut:

When it was over, the audience cheered. It was official: Designer Nicolas Ghesquière had a rousing debut at Louis Vuitton.


As guests settled in for Ghesquière’s debut, they found a note on their seats, typed on ivory LV stationery and tucked inside a sealed envelope. A charmingly personal gesture in a time of email and Twitter communication. In the letter, Ghesquière expressed his joy over being at Louis Vuitton and thanked everyone for coming. But he also added, “I salute the work of Marc Jacobs, whose legacy I wholeheartedly hope to honour.”


The fresh start was evident from the moment guests entered the cobble-stoned interior courtyard of the Louvre where Vuitton has staged its shows for several years. There were no hostesses dressed in French maid uniforms, as Mr. Ghesquière’s predecessor Marc Jacobs had.

Inside, the change was even more stark. Mr. Jacobs, who left Vuitton in October to concentrate on his namesake label, put on extravagant shows, building sets such as an Orient Express-style train and classic hotel elevators to carry his models. The interior of Mr. Ghesquière’s venue was a hollow box. There was no decoration. A couple of square islands were set up with white padded benches for some of the guests. The rest of the guests were seated around the perimeter of the room. Fewer journalists and more clients were invited.

Mr. Jacobs was known to start his show promptly at 10 AM after a spat with critics over starting too late one season. Mr. Ghesquière cut guests a little more slack, commencing at 13 minutes past the scheduled time.

Suzy Menkes:

Tweet the message from Paris to Shanghai: The Louis Vuitton show on Wednesday was a success — for its modernity, its clarity, its decency — and its respect for women.

Vogue UK:

"I'm such a fan of the dress, that's why I bought it - five years ago," the song went on - but, despite the lyrics and although the silhouettes had a vintage feel, nothing about this collection was in homage to, or derived from, anything else: it was Nicolas Ghesquière's new vision for Vuitton - free from Jacobs's ghosts or his own Balenciaga baggage. New prints, new bag shapes, new fabrications, new models - and a few familiar faces.

★ Moschino by Jeremy Scott

Moschino by Jeremy Scott

Calvin Klein Launches #mycalvins


Calvin Klein:


The men seem to be into this more than woman, so far. But here are the three girls that have submitted their images as of this writing, besides Kerr of course.

1 1 1

Tilda Lindstam for Trademark

Tilda Lindstam for Trademark

Trademark is a new American sportswear company by Alexandra & Louisa Burch (Tory Burch's stepdaughters)

Kendall Jenner / Marc Jacobs

Kendall Jenner Marc Jacobs Show

Kendall Jenner walking the Marc Jacobs show earlier tonight. Huge deal here. Especially after her appearance in W magazine earlier this week, in Pillow Tweets. Signs signal to her time to play in high fashion, and Marc just gave her a huge kick forward. Oh yes and she's showing her nipples, signaling her own freedom and open mindedness. Question we won't have till about 5 or 6 months from now: will she land the campaign? If Miley was an indication, and Marc's remarks to W magazine are anything:

Michael Kors, he has always been a great designer—he’s been a pillar of American fashion for years and years; his sensibility hasn’t changed. But he was on Project Runway! He became a household name because of that. Well, I’m not going to be on Project Runway. I’d do other things—and believe me, I’d do things that people would question—but Project Runway won’t be one of them. I don’t want to follow in someone else’s footsteps. I want the results—I just want them our way.”

"I want the results". So Marc wants to go main stream, and Miley, and possibly Kendall could be calculated moves on his part.

By the way, his poetic song repeating during the show, was: Happy Days Are Here Again.

Back to Kendall, she spoke to Into The Gloss backstage:

"I just recently turned 18, so this [Marc Jacobs show] is my big kick-off to start and grow my career. The New York fashion scene is crazy, madness, but I love the energy. I love everything about it—like the hair and makeup today, it’s incredible. I’ve never had my eyebrows bleached; I don’t even look like myself!

Extra: See Kendall's Model-Morphosis!