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Club Kids


AnOther Magazine: Ernie Glam on the Fabulosity of Club Kids

280004As his new book is published, we speak to Club Kid Ernie Glam about the wildly flamboyant club scene that ruled New York nightlife in the late 80s and early 90s


What inspired the exhibition?
The exhibition is a result of Steve's and my interest in nightclubs, dance music, nightclub culture, vintage nightclub invitations and old photos of nightclub scenes. Steve and I actually met through the website when I was auctioning off my excess club kid card collection about two years ago. The club kid cards were a series of club invites printed around 1991 by the Limelight nightclub in NYC featuring nightlife celebutantes on the front and a party invite on the back. Once Steve and I began corresponding we discovered that we both had invite collections and eventually I invited Steve to my home in the Bronx to look through the 1000s of photos of clubbers in my collection. When Steve proposed an exhibit I immediately began cooperating with him as my collection had just sat for almost two decades in my closets unseen by anybody. So essentially this event is debutante party for the part of the exhibit that features my photos and ephemera.