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Terry Richardson's Estimated Net Worth: $185 Millions

Fashionista: Terry Richardson Dragged Into Lady Gaga Lawsuit

So where does Richardson fit into all of this? In 2011, he followed Gaga on her “Monster Ball” tour taking behind the scenes pics, 350 of which made it into his book Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson. But he took 142,000 photos in total, and O’Neill is hoping that those photos will prove that Gaga kept her at her “beck and call”–and that she’s owed those 7,168 hours of overtime.

Did you say 142,000 photos?

Richardson’s lawyer has fought against the order, claiming that “Mr. Richardson’s business and livelihood depend on the value of his photographs,” adding that he will suffer “immeasurable financial loss” as a result of the court order.


The problem is that once the photos are unsealed and admitted as evidence, they become a part of public record–which means they could potentially be reproduced by anyone at any time.

Media Mass:

The American photographer has an estimated net worth of $185 million. He owes his fortune to smart stock investments, substantial property holdings, lucrative endorsement deals with CoverGirl cosmetics. He also owns several restaurants (the “Fat Richardson Burger” chain) in Washington, a Football Team (the “New York Angels”), has launched his own brand of Vodka (Pure Wonderichardson - US), and is tackling the juniors market with a top-selling perfume (With Love from Terry) and a fashion line called “Terry Richardson Seduction”.