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Hanna Sorheim In 12 Days of DNA

Hanna Sorheim
Photo by Julie IM (DNA)

Day No.2

Hanna Sorheim
Age: 19
Olso, Norway
5'9 1/2" | Hair: Brown | Eyes: Green | 31/24/34

DNA: Natural beauty, Hanna Sorheim, was discovered at Oslo Fashion Week. But she wasn't on the runway, she was in the front row watching a show. The windsurfer shortly thereafter made a quiet catwalk debut for Giambattista Valli's couture show for fall 2011. She's since appeared in Glamour UK and French Elle and in seasons past, London's cool designers -- Christopher Kane, JW Anderson, and Mark Fast -- were quick to nab this shoe-addict for their catwalks. Sorheim has also done print work for Topshop, Urban Outtfitters, and Zara.

Q&A with Hanna:

Does music play a role in your life?
Yes, it helps me relax and wind down. I also often go to concerts with friends to enjoy the music and hang out.
What influences you?
My friends and people i look up to. I look up to a lot of my friends, but previous teachers and trainers have also influenced me a lot.
B&W or color?
Black and white is cool and chic, but color brings everything to life. I would say color.
Your favorite word?
Attraversiamo. I read it in a book once, and all it means is "lets cross the road" in italian. I just like the way it sounds.
What book would you recommend someone to read?
The Fall of the giants by Ken Follett. I am not a huge fan of criminal novels, but i love books about historic events, like this about the first world war.
What was your first experience traveling abroad?
One of the first i remember was traveling to italy with my family. I remember getting really tan and everybody speaking to me in italian because they assumed i was italian too.
Your defining feature, physical and/or character?
I guess my freckles are a defining feature physically, and character would have to be ambitious.
Last fact you thought was amazing to know?
That there is around twelve years difference in life expectancy between the west and east side of Oslo, Norway.
What is your favorite water?
Norwegian tap water.
Whom do you relate to more, your mom or dad?
Probably my dad. Where both interested in food and coffee, and when i am home we go running in the forest together.
What age would you go back to and experience for a day?
I would want to be 6 years old, on the national day in Norway, playing games and eat as much ice cream as I can.
Any not-so-secret secret you're willing to share?
I am really easily annoyed by sounds. I really wish i wasn't, but somebody chewing gum with their mouth open or the ticking of a clock makes me annoyed and grumpy.
Favorite time of the day?
Early in the morning, when everything is quiet and everybody is still sleeping.
Fashion film or fashion editorial?
I think fashion films can be cool, but I prefer a real printed picture. I like when a moment is frozen and captured.
Makeup or natural?
3 things you still want to experience in life?
I would like to walk the Inca Trails in Peru, travel around Asia and learn french fluently.
Favorite quote?
Karma? Is that considered a quote? I just think its nice to remember that what you do to other will eventually come back to you.
What are you having (or had) for dinner tonight?
Grilled Salmon and vegetables with balsamic vinegar. I could eat salmon everyday.
Last thing that made u smile?
A girl carrying the biggest pudel puppy ever down the streets of New York.

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