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Good Reads | Kristen McMenamy

Profile "It Was Always Kristen"
Page2-image2"I will always try to be better," McMenamy says. "At 48, I think I can be better. I'll think I can be better than at 28. I will be better! And I will always feel like that. Modeling has been my life. I love acting as well, but this has been my life."

Kristen McMenamy's life as a model began 30 years ago, when she dropped out of college at age 18. Her parents still have not quite come to terms with her career choice, despite her legendary status within the field. "I was the bright one in my family," she says. "Out of seven kids, I was the A+ student. So they expected me to go on and be a 'businessperson' of some kind. To this day they don't like what I do. They still expect me to get a job as a secretary at L'Oréal or something!"