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Bert Stern Wants To Photograph Kate Upton

T Magazine: Talking Talent | Bert Stern

What inspired you to agree to make “Bert Stern: The Original Mad Man”?

The girl, Shannah, who made the movie, is a girl I met when she was 13 and I spent about 20 years photographing, and when she grew up she decided she wanted to make a movie about me. She got interested in films. It wasn’t too hard with her because I like her and she was around a lot, and so it didn’t bother me. I just don’t like being photographed very much.


But it seems like the shape of women today is so very different than it was back then, or what’s glamorized.

Well, I don’t know, there’s always some girl. Now it seems to be this girl Kate Upton. She looks interesting to me. I’ve never met her, but I would like to photograph her, if you asked me if there’s anybody I would like to photograph.