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Olivier Zahm:

The Cut: Sideboob, F*ck Yeah! Talking Sex at Purple’s Party

If it were up to him, Zahm said, “I think the porn industry should be done by a woman.” Why? “Because it would be much more interesting.” He imagines the approach would be subtler, about the beauty of the body. “Because a sex magazine made by a woman is not made to masturbate. Well, maybe it’s made to masturbate, but it’s also made to dream. A woman likes to dream first, to be mentally stimulated. And men like to see.” Zahm’s good friend Glenn O’Brien, author of How to Be a Man, concurred. “I think women like stories and men like pictures. It’s funny, if you read interviews with the Playboy playmates they always say, ‘I like a guy with a sense of humor.’ And then if you ask a guy, he’ll say, ‘I like a woman with a big rack.’”