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Kate Upton:

The Cut: Kate Upton Won’t Do Juice Fasts, Walk Runways

Skipping the catwalks so men can pant at her boobs doesn't faze Kate. A Vogue profile last spring characterized Upton as eager to leap to high-fashion runways, but she now insists that was never the case. “Fashion shows were just never part of my goals,” she said. “It’s not that I don't like them. It's just that I never really found the need to walk in them.” She giggled. “I might be really lazy. No, I'm just kidding. For some girls, the dream is to walk in a show, so I feel really happy for whoever is reaching their ultimate goal.”

What's Upton’s ultimate goal? “My goal was always to get the cover of Sports Illustrated, and I got that,” she said, demonstrating the kind of enthusiasm bred from impressive contracts and excited managers. “After that, everything started getting thrown at me from these different directions that I never expected. I'm playing it by ear right now, and learning a lot and having fun with it.”