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"We Were Allowed To Brush It, But Not To Shower"

Model Bria Condon speaking to WWD:
Bria CondonWWD: Where did the ad shoot?
B.C.: It was a studio in Brooklyn. All of the models met at a Dean & DeLuca beforehand and took the van over there. Marc [Jacobs] was on set. He was really cool. I was like, “Is that Marc Jacobs over there?” He looked pretty relaxed — it was just another day on the job. He was pretty quiet, and just talked to Steven [Meisel] most of the time.

WWD: Was it a challenge to stay in synch with your twin?
B.C.: The floor was tiled, so they placed us exactly where they wanted us. I definitely got dizzy from having to stand still that long. The clothes were so awesome, though. It was so cool to try them all on. And the food on set was amazing.

WWD: What did you think of the hair and makeup?
B.C.: The hair took a long time to do — there were so many products. When we went home the first night, we were allowed to brush it, but not to shower.