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Ford Models Has Downsized

Lots of changes, following Rowland's firing. For example, I hear the penthouse office he occupied, for his own board, is now all women. And amongst the women left, you'll hardly see any big name girls. Those left are Kate King level and below. Lots of promising faces, but no superstars at the moment. It's a bit shocking, how depressed it is. I also hear Aria Talent, a Ford Models division, focused on acting and voiceover, is also being shut down. And now after 18 years in Canada, the Toronto office is being closed, at the end of this month:

Crains New York: Ford Models closes Toronto office

Ford Models Inc. ... has downsized its office fleet. The company confirmed the closure of its 18-year-old Toronto office, its sole Canadian location, earlier this week. Ford's five other offices, on Fifth Avenue in New York and in Chicago, Miami, Brazil and Los Angeles, remain in operation.

A Ford spokeswoman declined to comment on the Toronto shuttering.

Following the Canada news, this tFS article reports:

Elmer Olsen of Elmer Olsen Models Management has described the move as spurring a "feeding frenzy" to sign some of Toronto’s top talent. Talent that consisted of more than 250 women, men and plus-sized models, who all featured prominently throughout Toronto Fashion Week.


Meanwhile, Ann Sutherland, president at Sutherland Models, also told the Toronto Star she was surprised to hear the news, but moved quickly to sign five new clients Tuesday as the word spread. "These are good models and these are good agents. It’s a little bit surprising that it would happen," Sutherland said. "Our phones are ringing off the hook."

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