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Constance Jablonski Moves to DNA, Gets Sued by Marilyn

One thing the below shows is that often the loyalty of the model is with the agent, not the agency. This is something agencies need to re-think and work out.

Fashionista: Victoria’s Secret Angel Constance Jablonski Sued for $3.3 Million By Modeling Agency

Marilyn Model Management is suing the stunner for $3.3 million, alleging she violated her three-year contract to work with rival firm DNA Model Management, the Daily News is reporting.

According to Marilyn’s suit, the 21-year-old French model ditched the agency last month to work with competitor DNA, despite the fact that she had signed an agreement to stay with Marilyn until September 2014.


What’s more: Marilyn says it’s personal. “DNA’s wrongful conduct is for the purpose of destablizing Marilyn’s business, and causing irreparable damage to its image (and) reputation.”

Which is why, along with the $3.3 million in damages, Marilyn is also seeking an injunction banning DNA from representing Jablonski.

Constance tweeted this:

With a New Year comes new beginnings. After my bookers, many of those I began with at Marilyn and my dearest Marilyn Gaultier left the

agency this past year, I decided to move on to DNA. I’m very excited with the move and I hope you are too!! Wishing all my friends from

Marilyn all the best with their new beginnings. Thank you to all of you followers and fans, for always supporting me!!

Side note: Constance is the face of H&M's SS 2013 Campaign, as she tweeted a few days ago.