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Testino's Two New Badly Photoshopped Campaigns

Stuart Weitzman SS 2013 Kate Moss by Mario Testino

Two new campaigns by Mario Testino, for Burberry Prorsum and Stuart Weitzman (SS13). While one might let go of how artistically dull these campaigns are, one can't let go of how badly the images are photoshopped. Pay attention to Kate Moss' left leg & Edie Campbell's right leg. The first is proportionally and tonally botched (the dark portion between her ankle and calf area, for example), and the other is thinned out beyond reality;  or how her crotch area is black-ed out (was she naked under the trench coat?).

This is the high-end of the industry mind you. And, these companies are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce these campaigns (if not in the million dollar range); so to end up with such bad imagery should be unacceptable to either of them.

Again, hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Many younger, up-and-coming, photographers can nail these out of the park, but companies choose to go for brand name photographers just for the sake of the name. Even when their days have past.

Overall, this photoshop/retouching issue is an industry epidemic at this point, and one that needs to be addressed.

Burberry Prorsum SS 2013 by Mario Testino