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Good Reads | Interview with Christoph Waltz

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NPR: 'Unchained' Admiration Between Actor And Director (Listen)

GROSS: So when you were preparing for the audition, did you treat his script kind of like a score? Did you write in pauses and accents so that you could get the music of the language?

Christoph WaltzWALTZ: I didn't write them in, but you know, they jump at you because the phrasing, it's not just, it's not just the words in themselves, it's the rhythm that he creates. You know, you might have heard very clearly, which is a good example, is "that of the rat."

Now, it's not the rhyme with "that" and "the rat," but if you have these two words, the pause between "that... of the rat" is unavoidable. So you don't need to actually write anything or take any notes. You just need to hand yourself over to the flow.