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Good Reads | Casting Directors Noah Shelley & Angus Munro

Modeling / Interview

AnOther Magazine: The Story Behind Model Casting with Noah Shelley & Angus Munro

Fanny KisbajcsiWhat has been the biggest trend amongst models this season?
AM: Tall and pretty?! As a general rule, I think the girls are getting more aspirational. I have said for years that I just do not understand why we had the faceless generation of models that was so prevalent in the early-to-mid 2000s, and this season a more beautiful, aspirational trend continued but, more importantly, evolved somewhat. These girls had a bit of an edge, which is where it should be. I think we all went a little saccharine in response to the “modelbots” mentioned above; last season had more new girls that are my exact type of girl than any season in recent history.
NS: The last few seasons have really been about new new new. People can't get enough. There aren’t enough girls people want to develop and build into these characters we all know and love. There is almost a competitive element in finding girls. Which I find disconcerting, because why put the energy into finding them, if you don’t want to see them for very long? Of course, not everyone is that cut and dry about it all, but the industry as a whole seems to be speeding up. Regarding purely aesthetic trends, I feel like ‘strength’ is a good word, and confidence. There is a trend towards beautiful women that don’t seem to be pushovers, girls and women who are emboldened by their beauty and wear it well.