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The Weakness Of 'Art Photography'

I more and more believe that photographers who want to be taken seriously as fine artists should only produce a single production of a photo. The same way a painter only paints a single one off. This idea of producing multiple copies in editions is utter bullshit, and the reason why art photography is perceived inferior to painting, sculpture, etc... Artist's Proof is another marketing joke in the life of a photographer. No guts, no glory.

Art In America: What's In A Number
William Eggleston Two Girls WalkingIn April, New York collector Jonathan Sobel made headlines when he filed suit against Memphis photographer William Eggleston (b. 1939) and the Eggleston Artistic Trust over the production and sale of recently made digital pigment prints of the pioneering colorist's work from the 1970s and '80s.

Sobel, who had amassed over the past decade one of the largest private holdings of Eggleston's limited-edition dye-transfer prints, claims that many of the new pigment prints violate the New York State law governing limited editions, diluting the rarity and thus the value of his collection, estimated to be worth between $3 and $5 million.1 Sobel also assumed that since each of the prints he acquired was from a previously issued limited edition, no further prints of those images would ever be made.