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The Age Of Apologies

Fashionista: Victoria’s Secret Apologizes for Karlie Kloss’s Racy Native American Runway Outfit

The issue at hand with this incident, it seems, was that VS carelessly and without purpose used the Native American headdress. If they had a specific purpose and vision for its use then outrage and apology would not have been necessary—even circumvented (even maybe appreciated). In other word, even if the outrage took place VS would have been able to defend it, based on artistic grounds. But because they run a circus with these shows, with no specific point of view, they squirm without defense in a situation like this. The fact that they could not defend its use proves that it was used without much thought of its purpose to the show. Whomever was in charge of this should be fired, not so much for this mistake, but because they lack good taste.