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GQ Style Japan Wont Be Vogue Hommes Japan

Nicola Formichetti shared news yesterday that Condé Nast is shutting down Vogue Hommes Japan, and replacing it with GQ Style. What caught my attention is that Formichetti & team wont transition to the new publication, but are completely out. So this was not just a title change.

Today WWD adds the following, from the president of Condé Nast Japan:
Jun Kitada, president of Condé Nast Japan, said the company has had "considerable success" with Vogue Hommes Japan, a magazine it launched in September of 2008.

"We intend to make maximum use of the experience gained in producing [Vogue Hommes Japan] by pouring this experience into 'GQ Style' to ensure the ongoing development of a stylish fashion magazine that fits perfectly into the Japanese men's market," Kitada said.

If we were to read between the lines, considerable success was not so considerable, and Condé wants more. But in order to gain more they need to be more mainstream. As noted by WWD:
The edgy magazine's debut issue featured a 20-page spread by Hedi Slimane posing the question, "Who is the Model Man?" Two years ago, it generated attention for running a Nick Knight shoot featuring Lady Gaga as her male alter ego, a Sicilian grease-stained mechanic named Jo Calderone. Nicola Formichetti, Vogue Hommes Japan's fashion director, styled the Gaga spread.

Edgy is the key word here, and a word that belongs more to an independent magazine, than a mainstream one. [I feel this is the same thinking that went into replacing Roitfeld with Alt]. And that's why Nicola continues:
In this digital world, I still love making magaziens. It makes me happy to know that my next venture in publishing will be with my VOGUE HOMMES JAPAN team, Shun Watanabe & Junsuke Yamasaki.

So, another independent magazine coming our way. [Nicola could go to bed with Steven Gan’s Fashion Media Group LLC, as Carine did with her CR Fashion Book].