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Carine Roitfeld: From 50,000... To 11 Million Readers

The Daily Beast: Carine Roitfeld Talks About New Harper’s Bazaar Job at French Institute in New York
1352243551306.cachedWhile the transition away from a glossy life as one of Condé Nast’s top editors was initially difficult, Roitfeld admitted that there were high points to her departure from Vogue as well. “I think it’s good to go back to reality, now I know what it’s like to fight for a cab in the street again.” Especially since, in her mind, fashion isn’t always meant to be taken seriously. “We are very lucky to work in fashion and not work in a hospital or something,” she said, “where the biggest deal we come across is perhaps the length of a skirt.” A lacking sense of humor, in Roitfeld’s opinion, was excluded from films like The Devil Wears Prada and The September Issue, the latter of which had, “something missing, it was about business and not creativity. I think it was a bit sad.”

But looking into the future, Roitfeld now has a new magazine and a newly created position with Harper’s Bazaar to attend to. And it’s her job as Bazaar’s global fashion director that has Roitfeld the most excited. “It’s a global world in fashion right now. I’ve gone from 50,000 readers [at French Vogue] to 11 million readers. I think it’s a very unique and amazing arrangement. It’s never been done before,” she said of her new job that will syndicate several photo shoots per year in all of Bazaar’s 26 international editions. Her first shoot for the new title took place just three days ago amidst the Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts—leaving Roitfeld with no power on set. “They say when you have everything against you, you get the best of what you do, I’m very proud of the outcome.”