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A No Brainer

Pony Ryder interviewing Samantha Rollinson:

PR: When you started modeling you had long hair, who decided on the cut?

SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: I was at a shoot and they pinned my long hair short- and someone said I should cut it - so I decided to cut it. I would like long hair again but I think short hair suits me too.
For the (Balenciaga) show Guido (Palau) cut it again.

PR: Can a model refuse to cut her hair?
SAMANTHA ROLLINSON: I guess a model could refuse to cut their hair- but if you’re at a shoot and they want to cut your hair- you have to get your agent to say its ok!


PR: I think your smile is spectacular. It shows you can look amazing without that so called perfect line of extremely over bleached teeth!

SAMANTHA ROLLINSON:  If I wasn't modelling I wouldn't have probably got a  brace but after taking advice from my agency, it seemed I might in the future get more jobs with straight teeth- so it was a no brainer really!