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★ Good Reads | Forward Thinking Siri


Very good analysis of Apple's Siri and its (her?) possibilities. If you read between the lines and view this article in a conceptual way it can even benefit those in publishing and [e]commerce. It's forward thinking in that way.

Counter Notions: Is Siri really Apple’s future?
Siri is a promise. A promise of a new computing environment, enormously empowering to the ordinary user, a new paradigm in our evolving relationship with machines. Siri could change Apple’s fortunes like iTunes and App Store…or end up being like the useful-but-inessential FaceTime or the essential-but-difficult Maps or the desirable-but-dead Ping. After spending hundreds of millions on acquiring and improving it, what does Apple expect to gain from Siri, at once the butt of late-night TV jokes but also the wonder of teary-eyed TV commercials?