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★ Good Reads | Filmmakers Over Photographers


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Very good interview with Diane Pernet, on the state, approach, and importance of fashion films.


DIANE PERNET: I noticed this last season the weight the BFC has been placing on the importance of embracing film, what do you think is the reason behind such a focus?
Diane Pernet: If you think about it, the fashion film phenomenon has opened the door for small and medium sized fashion brands to make video ads for the very first time. In the past only the giant fashion brands had enough budget to make video ads. But now, fashion film can be accessed, without any additional cost to the brand, from their own websites, through social media sites or video channels on the internet meaning brands only need to pay for the production of the film, not advertising space itself. Even the production costs for fashion film can be a lot less expensive than traditional TV fashion ads in the past. Why? Because the spirit of 'fashion film' is typically one where there the consumer expects brands to push the boundaries a bit more and to not necessarily be quite so precious about things.

DD: What I found interesting was the clear distinction that was made in telling young designers and new brands to approach filmmakers over photographers, echoing what I've heard you mention a lot about a fashion film being more than simply a moving fashion shoot - what is most important in making that distinction?
Diane Pernet: As far as I'm concerned, the fashion film has to fulfill the same criteria as any other film and that is not the case when it is a fashion shoot in motion or a look book being filmed. Most important is to have the film take us somewhere we’ve never been and to develop a unique aesthetic. And to do this while putting fashion in the role of the protagonist, rather than just as a prop… not just take beautiful, well styled, well lit images [and] a film should evoke powerful emotions. I think it becomes pretty obvious why working with a real film director can often yield better results than photographers or artists. But of course, having said that, not all talented film directors have a knack for fashion films; and most certainly at the other end of the spectrum, many photographers and artists are absolutely brilliant makers of fashion film. Fashion film is a hybrid genre in many ways so there's no way to predict what kind of filmmaker is going to be good at it.