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★ April Tiplady

April Tiplady


Two years ago, when she was 14, April Tiplady's grandmother bought her a grooming course at Adelaide's Finesse Models to help her confidence. Last week she signed to IMG Models worldwide.

Literally, that's how quickly things have happened for the 5'10" Adelaide 16 year old, who became a topic of discussion over dinner last Wednesday in Sydney between Finesse Models managing director Brigette Mitchell, IMG Models vice president head of development (New York) David Cunningham, IMG Models VP of development (Paris) Jeni Rose and Danielle Ragenard, the general manager of IMG Models’ brand new Australian division, which opened several months ago in Sydney.


When Mitchell showed Tiplady's photos to Cunningham and co on Wednesday, the wheels were quickly set in motion. A plane ticket was booked for Tiplady and her mother for 9.00am Thursday morning and they flew to Sydney to meet the IMG Models crew and do some test shots with James Nelson (above. below). She was then signed on the spot to IMG worldwide - that is, every major city in which IMG Models operates.

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