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Great Machine of Fashion

Kati NescherWhat do you think you do that’s different from what the girls who are 18, 19 years old do? Are you just a little bit wiser?
I don’t want to say I’m wiser. It’s just about personality. I’ve spoken to a lot of girls who are just 19, and actually they’re very interesting because of their experience traveling and the time they’ve spent just being alone. But, for clients, what I’m doing is about respect; it’s a pleasure to walk for them. It’s about teamwork for me. It’s not just about wearing clothes; it’s about acting, it’s about editorial. It’s about being in the moment and understanding what the client wants.

So it’s about taking direction well?
Yes, sometimes they prep us before the show. But also, sometimes not. Sometimes it’s just 10 minutes for one entire show, and you’re like, “O.K., that’s everything.” Then there’s the next one, the next one, the next one. It’s not easy; it’s a crazy time. Everyone’s tired after all these shows and fittings. But every time I go out, I just close my eyes and think, Yes, we are here for this. I can forget that I don’t sleep because there’s so much great energy around me. There are makeup artists and great hairdressers and designers. It’s a great experience to be in the great machine of fashion.

T Magazine: Styled to a T | Kati Nescher