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Good Reads | I Can’t Imagine Going Back


I just spent several hours playing with iBook Author’s media tools inserting movies, keynote animations, and interactive pictures into my new secret project and it ruined me. There is no turning back. As an author and a reader, I will never look at a static page e-book the same. While for some types of books, like novels, words on a page are fine, for a lot of books the failure to include media just became inexcusable. I can’t imagine going back.

There once was a time when everyone watched silent movies. Technology advanced and a few weirdos started adding sound to their movies. At the beginning, it was just a trickle and nobody paid any attention to it. Then at some point, the technology became so accessible that everybody did it. It changed the way we watched movies. I believe the iPad’s new media friendly book format combined with this authoring tool is just such a watershed event as the widespread adoption of talkies. Media rich books are going to become the norm, not the exception.

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