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Art Sale


Oil on Canvas
$5000 $2500

Hello everyone; The next couple of months will be very exciting, for reasons I'll share later. But I am set to move my studio, and am in the process of trying to clear some space. In doing so I'm willing to make some great deals on previous works. Below are some paintings that are still available. If you are interested in any of them, please email me to discuss.

All paintings Oil on Canvas.

Untitled 2-05 Untitled 2-05 Untitled 2-05 White-line
Untitled 2-05                                 Night                                              Mountains
40"x40"                                                         36"x36"                                                          47.5"x50"
$2200 $1100                                               $1000 $500  Sold                                     $3500   $1750

Red Tree Red Tree Red Tree White-line
Red Tree                                        Female Mask                                 Fireplace
48"x48"                                                         48"x48"                                                          20"x20"
$2200 $900                                                 $2500 $1000 Sold                                  $900 $500

Victorian House Victorian House Victorian House Victorian House White-line
Victorian House             Male Mask                       Cloud                               Untitled 1-05
30"x40"                                      48"x60"                                       48"x60"                                      30"x40"
$1400 $700                              $3500 $1500                          $4000 $2000                          $2000 $1000


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