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Amber Heard for The Rum Diary

Amber HeardAs Betsey jumped under yet another rope to go chase down Keith Richards, we spoke to Depp's co-star [in The Rum Diary], Amber Heard who plays Chenault, a Connecticut-born blonde bombshell dating Depp's on-screen rival Sanderson (Aaron Eckhart). Heard first appears in the film swimming in the nude, and Depp's character Paul Kemp confuses her for a mermaid. On the red carpet, the starlet wore a black long-sleeved Jean Paul Gaultier dress - appropriate for the 1950's era of the film. Her character Chenault paraded around in bathing suits and revealing summer dresses, which Heard admits to do as well. She relates to her character's personal style, "They're actually very similar. I wear a lot of those clothes."

Of her character, Heard explains: "I take parts that I feel a connection to and in this case, Chenault is a rebel and she just happens to look like the opposite of that. She encompasses this idea of the American dream and the 1950s, 1960s possession of the kind of perfect housewife. She might look like that but she’s a rebel underneath and I certainly relate to that." The same is true for her co-star, Heard explained, "The beautiful thing about Johnny is that it’s almost impossible to pin him down into a certain category or put him in a box. It’s impossible to categorize him and that’s what makes him so special." Looks like the stars of "The Rum Diary" have something in common.


Trailer for The Rum Diary


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