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Lingerie | Daisy & Elizabeth

Daisy & Elizabeth

New lingerie brand: Daisy & Elizabeth, with their Spring/Summer 2012 Collection.

Daisy Hartmann and Elizabeth NeSmith met in 2007 while studying intimate apparel design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. As friends, roommates and admirers of each other's work, the two designers made the transition quite naturally into business partners. Each brings to her craft a different influence – Daisy's designs are inspired by her fascination with yoga and holistic remedies, while Elizabeth's creations spring from her dance training and love of costume design. Daisy began designing clothes when she was in Middle School, buying T-shirts in second-hand stores and creating "T-skirts" for her friends. Her ability to re-imagine the new from the old is essential to her philosophy of design today. Elizabeth's love of intimates fashion stems from creating costumes for dance performances. Making ethereal costumes last through countless rehearsals and performances has given Elizabeth the skill to create lasting beauty. The girls decided to form an intimates brand that would embody the delicacy and strength of their personal philosophies. They began designing their first daisy & elizabeth collection while finishing their senior year at F.I.T.

Great start of a collection.

Here is a sample look at it, but you can view the full lookbook at their new site.

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nice conservative lingerie . love it

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