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Good Reads | Alt & French Fashion

Opinion / French Vogue / Emmanuelle Alt

Two good pieces for Benjamin Kanarek's blog. Focusing on Alt, and Vogue Paris.

The first, by Frédérique Renaut, focues on photographer Hans Feurer and his return to Alt's French vogue.

Hans Feurer Emmanuelle Alt is writing her own ticket for VOGUE Paris. I was not expecting a fundamental change in the Editorial Direction being that she has been the Fashion Director of the magazine for over ten years and collaborating with Carine Roitfeld. Thus the assumption that there would be little change from the status quo. However, the April 2011 issue of VOGUE Paris gives a clear new direction; bye bye porno chic, provocation, unjustified nudity, welcome softness, lifestyle, casual clothing. Emmanuelle’s approach is more consensual and obviously more commercial, which the fashion customer might find more accessible.

Her vision of fashion is also conditioned by the choice of photographers she has decided to collaborate with and thus don’t expect any radical changes in those she has already worked with.

There has been one huge surprise however… The Return of Hans Feurer in VOGUE Paris is great news and a welcome change.


The second, by Anne Enke, is more elaborate, and gives us a historical view of the French, and French Vogue, feminine sexuality.

Paris metro station Roitfeld has been a torch bearer for women, and I want her vision continued — if adapted — under Emmanuelle Alt as editor of Vogue Paris.

Vogue Paris is now an international publication, one that could advance French influence and attitudes about women’s emancipation worldwide, especially if Conde Nast would consider the unthinkable and publish it in multiple languages online.

I don’t need Emmanuelle Alt to show me women’s everyday reality; I need her to show women a way out of it, expressing with reassurance what French women know about living, loving and pushing the sensual envelope at every age – because they really do.



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