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Franca Sozzani: "They Copy You, And Copy You, And Copy You", Defends Tom Ford's Extra Secretive London Show

'We have to admit: as soon as you go online they copy you, and copy you, and copy you. Not being online? Is it limiting? To each their own. Tom has a very precise concept.

That's Vogue Italia's Franca Sozzani talking to the Daily Mail. Defending Tom Ford's recent approach to showing his collection.

I can't help but notice that the old guard is really being pissy lately, at anything online. When they themselves are heading that way. Vogue Italia revamped and expanded their whole website a year or so ago. And Olivier Zahm for example is set to expand his Purple Fashion magazine's online presence in two weeks, after calling the online community vulgar, in a WWD article earlier today:

“This is why the industry is going in a vulgar, common, bad direction — because of the direct access that doesn’t come with an education, reflection, understanding,”

I'm curious if this is fear speaking. As the world they created and know crumbles underneath them.

Sozzani continues:

'I have to be selfish in saying that for a journalist it's an amazing moment. You get to feel the fabrics, get in touch with the designer. It's an anti-show.'

That might be it: they see them selves as true journalist, standing on a higher pedestal, while the rest are not.

If they continue to push and piss-off us minions far enough they might just have an Egypt like revolution on their hand. People are people and as Lauren of put it:

But to bite the hand that feeds you is not wise.



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