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Model News

Model News

Model News

1— Abbey Lee Kershaw Falls Off Her Bike. [Frockwriter]

2— Marine Vacth: [Movie] Star in the Making. [Marilyn]

3— Dominique's Lightening Up. [Modelinia]

4— Stephanie Kaiser by Nicolas Kern. [Weiner]

5— Q&A | Maddie Kulicka. [The Cut]

6— The typical Vogue cover for 2010: [Fashin]

7— New Face | Alex Noiret: [Models & Style]

8— Gloria for Crawford's Spring 2011 Catalogue. [Mode]

9— "Blondie"-Newface Madness @ Storm. [Digital Diamonds]

10— Patricia van der Vliet for Russian Vogue. [NY Models]

11— New Face | Felicia (SMC & IMG). [Digital Diamonds]

12— New Face | Iana Godnia. []

13— Editorial | Heather Marks in "Heather" by Tina Chang. [Mode]

14— New Face | Lias (Women). [PRODn]

Extra: A Peek Inside Model Lounge. [Modelinia]


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