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Prada Fantasy Lookbook FW 10

  Prada Fantasy Lookbook F.W 2010

With every season comes a new fantasy from Prada; and here we have the 35 slides of the latest Fantasy Lookbook: F.W 2010.

Art direction and Artwork by OMA (Alexander Reichert & Fausto Fantinuoli), with photography by Phil Meech.

Prada_fw10-2 Prada_fw10-3 Prada_fw10-4 Prada_fw10-5 Prada_fw10-6 Prada_fw10-7 Prada_fw10-8 Prada_fw10-9 Prada_fw10-10 Prada_fw10-11 Prada_fw10-12 Prada_fw10-13 Prada_fw10-14 Prada_fw10-15 Prada_fw10-16 Prada_fw10-17 Prada_fw10-18 Prada_fw10-19 Prada_fw10-20 Prada_fw10-21 Prada_fw10-22 Prada_fw10-23 Prada_fw10-24 Prada_fw10-25 Prada_fw10-26 Prada_fw10-27 Prada_fw10-28 Prada_fw10-29 Prada_fw10-30 Prada_fw10-31 Prada_fw10-32 Prada_fw10-33 Prada_fw10-34 Prada_fw10-35 Prada_fw10-36


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