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The Importance Of Cues In A Collection

  Miu Miu Resort 2011

In my understanding so far, there are two secrets to Miuccia Prada's success, besides her innate abilities, that she continues to executes with every collection, and that in turn leave a mark on our memories.

One is that she tends to go against the current, by doing something completely opposite of what everyone else is working on. This in its self highlights her work better.

The 2nd is that she leaves us with playful visual cues (even when formal) that further help identify a Prada pieces/collection. They could be such things as the aprons of her Miu Miu S/S 09 collection; The exposed bras and fur of her Miu Miu F.W 09.10 collection; the naked-figures prints of her Miu Miu S.S 10 collection; and here for the Miu Miu Resort 2011 she's giving us apples and hearts in distinct bright colors.

These are just a few examples of the cues that help stylists and photographers have fun with her designs. And a smart designers should always have something to flag our memories with.

Now though I focused on her Miu Miu line, she does the same with the Prada Line. So if I was to say crystal-chandeliers, you will most likely remember these, no?

Other designers that are good as this are Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, and D&G.

But for now I leave you with Lindsey Wixson & Anais Pouliot to present the new Miu Miu Resort 2011 collection. [Via]

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