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Speaking With Taryn Andreatta, the LOVE Inspired Model

 Akiss Paraskevopoulos Taryn Andreatta

Taryn Andreatta, that' the name of the LOVE inspired model, whom we looked at a couple of weeks ago! And after word got passed around, she came to say hi to us. Also answer a few questions, to tell us more about her self, and how this shoot came to about.

She's quite a lovely person to deal with, and I hope things work out for her, with an agency, soon.

Taryn Andreatta | Age: 21 | Height: 1.75m / 5'9" | Hair: Brown | Eyes: Brown

Photography by: Akiss Paraskevopoulos

Q&A With  Taryn Andreatta:

Tell us where are you from, and were do you now live?
TA- I am American with Italian descent. I live in Athens,Greece.
Akiss Paraskevopoulos Taryn Andreatta 4 What is it about modeling that intrigues you?
TA- As a model, the movement in front of the camera and being able to express oneself while also being the muse for which the designer, photographer, and stylists gets to mold into their own creative ideas is intriguing. I believe fashion is art and modeling is performance and the two together is a perfect combination.

You're not yet signed on with an agency, but what type of work have you done till now?
TA-I was just given the opportunity to model in Athens Fashion Week which was one of the best experiences of my life. I've done several test shoots but I am waiting for that one big break where I can model full time and do what I love.

Besides this, what else do you do, are you studying?
TA- Prior to modeling, I was studying Spanish in an American University and doing whatever jobs I could to save money to come to Europe and follow this dream. I worked at Fedex with shipping boxes to help fund my education and I was also a waitress.
You caught our attention with the Love shoot, how did this come about?
TA- Before I arrived in Athens I had a layover in London. I immediately bought the newest issue of Love with Kate Moss (my favorite model) on the cover. I was enamored with the simplicity of the nudity yet the absolute complexity of the feminine figure and each model's iconic presence. By this point, I was wishing to be in the magazine also and imagining my own cover for this particular shoot. Later, my dear friend Akiss Paraskevopoulos(photographer) who was equally as impressed, suggested that we give it a "shot." I later sent one of the images to a few agencies in the UK hoping to get signed. An anonymous agent sent it to Love Magazine (many thanks to that person and to Love Mag).The rest is history.  

Akiss Paraskevopoulos Taryn Andreatta 2 Akiss Paraskevopoulos Taryn Andreatta 3 Akiss Paraskevopoulos Taryn Andreatta 4 Akiss Paraskevopoulos Taryn Andreatta 5  
What has the response been? Have you gotten any leads?
TA-I'm extremely thankful because the response has been positive. Its a great honor for me to be pictured next to top supermodels on these blogs and although I don't have any leads yet I remain hopeful that the right agent or manager will come my way and represent me.
Whats' your take on nudity and fashion. Is it an imperative thing?
TA- I feel that the human body is a beautiful thing. Artists have been painting, drawing, and sculpting it since the beginning of time. I don't think nudity is imperative in fashion but I do think it helps to show that we can be comfortable in our own skin and that it gives a natural sex appeal to any designer's clothes. 

What else do you like in life, what fun things do you enjoy?
TA- I've been dancing since the age of about 3.and this is another true passion of mine. I also enjoy playing the piano, learning about other cultures, travel, shopping for vintage clothes, setting trends through style, and helping to bring inspiration to others. 

Will you give up pursuing your dream in modeling? 
TA- I believe dreams come true. My mother raised me as a single mom. She came from a very poor family. She worked 4 different jobs to support us and I never saw her give up. I am not only continuing to pursue this dream for myself, but I am also doing it for her, for my family, for my teachers, my friends, for everyone who has believed in me from the beginning and continues to believe, and for everyone who has had to struggle to overcome any obstacle in life. I'll never give up. 

We wish you all the luck, you're very sweet to work with and glad to have you on here.
TA- Thank you so much. Its a great pleasure to work with you and I appreciate the interview.

Akiss Paraskevopoulos Taryn Andreatta 1 Akiss Paraskevopoulos Taryn Andreatta 2 Akiss Paraskevopoulos Taryn Andreatta 3 Akiss Paraskevopoulos Taryn Andreatta 5


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