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Promoting the Young & Talented

 Fashion fillers

Once in a while I'd like to bring a teen into view. Because while most of them waste their energy parting, or being dramatic about boys and girls and parents, a few others wipe all that drama away, or at least re-focus that energy, and replace it with ambition and creativity.

That being said, today I like to bring this 18 year old to view, for her delightful blog, Fashion Fillers, and sharp eye for taste and presentation. I don't know her name just yet , but she describes her self as:

Update: Name is Renee.

My life and work are all about contrasts. From color schemes to people. From floral teacups to fetish heels. I love ugliness because I think it’s beautiful. I think bad composition can kill. I love a good discussion.

I’m an eighteen-year-old photographer, vintage customizer, stylist, blogger and designer from The Netherlands. As you can see, I have too many ambitions I try to pursue, though at the same time I’m also able - or maybe lucky enough - to actually do all these things. I made this blog for everyone who’s interested in more than just fashion and for myself as well, as a personal style diary. I really appreciate your comments and of course I will reply to them.

After being stuck in a boring, old village of only 3000 people in the south of The Netherlands, I finally had the opportunity to move to Amsterdam in September 2009 (which was one of the things I was always craving for). Together with a friend I’m sharing a nice apartment in the West-part of our capital. I have a rather big passion for large cities, which also includes I’ve been in New York City once, and immediately wanted to go back even before my plane had landed at European grounds again.

My favorite places to shop are eBay, vintage stores, and H&M and Filippa K for my basics. My clothing style is mostly a mix of these, and includes a lot of layering and mismatching."
Got someone to suggest? Email me.


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