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Marriage | Snejana Onopka Set To Tie The Knot


It's not every day we have a top-model marriage; and today is reporting that 23 year old Ukranian favorite Snejana Onopka is getting married to 38 year old millionaire Alexander Onishchenk, on Dec 11th. Mr. Onishchenk neither confirmed nor denied the rumor.

Alexander was previously married to Miss Ukraine-2007 Ksenia Kuzmenko; with whom he has a son.


Full translation of the article below:
Ukraine brewing another loud wedding. Snezana Onopko and Alexander Onishchenko plan to get engaged on December 11.

It seems that soon Ukrainian beau monde stroll on one more hands-VIP-wedding. The status of the eligible bachelor is ready to say goodbye 38-year-old businessman Alexander Onishchenko, giving his hand, heart, and millions in the bargain no less enviable izbrannice - 23-year-old top model Snizhana Onopko. Which, incidentally, for several consecutive years, among the ten most successful models of the world.

Love even supposedly already filed an application to the central registry office in Kiev, where he plans to sign on December 11 this year. True, the event itself, as well as their relationship, the couple kept strictly confidential. Although only a lazy person could not help but notice how President Equestrian Federation of Ukraine, who is also the owner of the company Neftegazsbyt, caring for the most favorite of Karl Lagerfeld, appearing with her for the knob on the top hangouts - from fashion shows to charity auctions.

We phoned Alexander, who is currently abroad, to learn about the wedding.

"Let's wait the 11 th, we'll see what happens, then we can talk about it" - dismissed businessman.

Oleksandr Onishchenko, Сніжана Onopko

"But in fact already filed a statement? - Ask.

"Maybe there is not the number 11 written ... And a year ... Maybe it was in 2010 will - meet Alexander. - I'm just divorced, still do not know how that will happen."

But then Onishchenko nevertheless admitted that he was ready to say goodbye to his bachelor life: "I think it will be soon."

But our question, "Maybe it was necessary to look for a companion not a model, they say, can experience a previous relationship so you learned nothing?" (his marriage with Miss Ukraine-1997 "Kseniya Kuzmenko ended in divorce, the ex-spouse left a son), businessman, smiled:" Do you mean to search for more scary? Just Snejana - is a good man, a wise and kind. And without any podium habits .

By the way, a little over a year ago Onishchenko was a hero of Western press, which relished the details of his romance with tennis star - Swiss Martina Hingis. And our businessmen overseas tabloids described as: "Alexander Onishchenko his millions earned on the oil and Haga. Most of the time in Belgium, where spending money to buy rare and expensive horses. The head of the Federation of Equestrian Sport of Ukraine and its almost fully funded." But the businessman then described the relationship with tennis player just friendship.


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