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Remote Photography! A New Frontier?


Photographer Darren McDonald just posted, on his blog, these images he captured of model Caitlin Lomax, using his Skype software. And I think they're brilliant.

I can't remember, in the past couple of years, having ever seen this done in high-fashion.

While the concept is not strange to, say, the porn industry, applying it to high-fashion has resulted in very fresh results.

Why am I stressing the high-fashion statement? It's because, in my personal believe, there are models that are suited/fit for different categories in modeling. And a high-fashion model can, for the most part, only result/reflect high-fashion photography, being led by a high-fashion photographer of course. Picasso can only produce Picasso's. When the intent is serious.

That said, and living in the digital age, I would be very curious to see where this Idea may be taken.

Of course there may be technical limitations in this style. For example angle of shot, light, combined mood of both model and photographer, etc... But in them, and with those challenges, the mind is pushed to think creativity and in a new ways. Hence resulting in new results.

There are also, of course, print limitation due to low resolution. So printing this on paper, for a magazine specifically might scare the hell out of Anna Wintour.

But again, this is not meant to replace photography as we know it. Just delve into new ideas of approach.

So photographers, go on, try it out and send me your results!

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It's an interesting concept but I think the images can only be used for personal purposes. Though it requires an eye and maybe some direction on the part of the viewer, they really are just captures. I doubt you'd be able to do fashion photography remotely since you need styling, makeup, etc. All of these can't be shown to good effect in low resolution. This might be a good method for the photographer to get a feel for the model before the shoot though.


I love this concept, the pictures are beautiful. It really comes across as high fashion but also has the intimate, non commercial feel of webcam shots which is a nice change from normal fashion photography. However, I don't really think the photographer is doing as much work with this method as he usually would!

BB x

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