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Celebrity Power At Play; Or Did Klein Out Due Meisel?

1 I must admit that I'm a bit surprised the fashion blogsphere went more crazy over Rihanna's supplement cover, shot by Steven Klein, for Vogue Italia Sept 09, then the main cover, featuring Sasha Pivovarova & Ash Stymest (who looks a bit dorky here), shot by Steven Meisel!

Is the celebrity factor at play here, or has Steven Klein really outdone Steven Meisel in this round.

Now that I had the time to digest both, since the morning time, I have to admit that Rihanna's is a damn powerful cover. But I'm curious to hear your feedback!


Posted by: Malik | Aug 27, 2009 at 05:14 PM

The Rihanna cover is 10 times better than the main cover, anyone can see that. Its real shame that such an amazing cover comes in second to a cover that's truly just subpar in comparison.

Posted by: Danni | Aug 27, 2009 at 06:24 PM

what's so great about a bucket of water against a tile wall? Meisel's is classy, fun to look at , and pleasing to the eye.

Posted by: Sonia | Aug 27, 2009 at 10:04 PM

Meisel runs in style and originality. Klein went obvious and typical. Meisel all the way. sorry.


I say it had to be a mix of the two factors, the cover is hard to focus, heaven with Sasha on it... As for the supplement, i wasnt feeling a celeb on it , but i must admit that it is a great shot. Franca Sozzani never fails for me in any case.


I'm with you John. While the Meisel cover is damn good and original, the Klein one is more eye-catching and captivating, and not because it's a celeb like Rihanna. Since the 'job' of the cover is to 'sell' the magazine, I think the Klein cover would be better of as the main cover, while artistic content can be inside.

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