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Françaises au Top

Victor Demarchelier, son of Patrick Demarchelier, is jumping into the big leagues with this two page editorial, for French Vogue, featuring 6 french models, titled: Françaises au Top, meaning French On Top.

The models are Melodie Dagault, Constance Jablonski, Charlotte de Calypso, Sigrid Agren, Jennifer Messelier and Mathilde Frachon.

While french models might be on the rise, I would hold off from placing them on top, just yet. Meanwhile I hope Victor will not follow in his fathers footsteps, in using so much grey backgrounds.

Here are larger versions of the girls. [Via]

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I love this picture, it is so amazing! I totally agree with the title: "French on Top".
The six models are so beautiful the ones as the others. They match perfectly together. Each model brings a special touch to this picture. Beauty and feminity are present. In a word: the French elegeant attitude!


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