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Tying Up the Costume Institute Met Gala | The Bad, The Ugly, & The Good Old Fun

What a week it was, the Costume Institute Met Gala provided us with plenty of entertainment this week.


Things kicked off Monday afternoon with the Alaïa controversy,  but then went quiet through the red carpet (Images: part I & II). It didn't stay quiet for too long though, because right after the event news of an attack broke through. The whole day was rounded up here; in case you missed it.

Cathy Horyn rounded up her own disappointing review, with the following: "Instead they [Curators] seem guilty of the grossest fashion sin: wanting to hang out with the models."

In between we also heard that Stephanie Seymour was divorcing billionaire-husband Peter Brant, and could have been the reason for her missing the Gala.

So where are we left on this lovely Friday afternoon? Here we go!

On the matter of Alaia:
Curator of the exhibition, Harold Koda, Spoke:
“We would have loved to have had his pieces in the show, but there was a lot of miscommunication, my understanding was that he didn’t want his work in the show, so I honored it.”

Azzedine Alaia Replied:
“She [Anna Wintour] behaves like a dictator and everyone is terrified of her…but I’m not scared of her or anyone” said Alaia.

More on this story here.

On the matter of Kiefer Sutherland headbutting Jack McCollough of Proenza Schouler:
Kiefer Sutherland has today been officially charged with misdemeanor assault.

A source at Conde Nast:
Anna is furious that the Met Gala got upstaged by Kiefer doing something stupid at an after-party that wasn't even part of her event. Now that's all anyone is talking about, not her party. And she is so genuinely fond of Jack, she has supported him and Lazaro for years, she really feels they are part of the future of American fashion. So she's doubly annoyed.

A Pal of Jack:
This whole thing isn't doing the guys any good because their whole thing is that they're celebrity-friendly," says the pal. "I mean, Jack knows Brooke [Shields] and there was never any problem with them that night, he didn't knock her over or whatever **** was reported the next day. To get into this whole public fight with Kiefer because he was drunk isn't doing their label any good, they don't need this kind of publicity.

More on this story here.

On the Matter of Fun
Thankfully a couple named Leslie Mann & Judd Apatow leave us with a little bit of fun, as they spoke to The Cut.

Leslie Mann
"Well, it was much more fun than I had thought it would be," said Mann. "People at my table, they brought flasks of vodka with them. So as soon as they pulled out the flask of vodka, I was like, all right, this is going to be fun."

"I kind of just stayed in the corner and looked at all the beautiful models. They’re so tall. Like beautiful aliens. And then Kanye sang. And I don’t think it’s a normal thing for people to get up and dance, but everyone was up and dancing. It was incredible."

Judd Apatow
"It was the best night ever! Seeing Kanye West live was the most fun thing I’ve ever seen, especially seeing him get a lot of people who clearly don’t do a lot of dancing to get up and dance."
"Those models were in some high heels,"

"If they fell down, they’d go down hard. That was the best thing I’ve ever seen."



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