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A strong editorial for Vogue Germany with model Elena Melnik.

Vogue Germany May 09
Shot by: Tesh
Model: Elena Melnik

92028_achAT_Elena_Melnik_2009-05_vo-01_122_237lo 92029_achAT_Elena_Melnik_2009-05_vo-02_122_372lo 92030_achAT_Elena_Melnik_2009-05_vo-05_122_526lo 92032_achAT_Elena_Melnik_2009-05_vo-11_122_74lo 29274_vogue_de_elena9_123_585lo 29271_vogue_de_elena7_123_433lo 29252_vogue_de_elena2_123_746lo 29257_vogue_de_elena3_123_208lo 29272_vogue_de_elena8_123_238lo 29269_vogue_de_elena6_123_592lo Vogue germany 29287_vogue_de_elena11_123_53lo


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