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Scarlett Johansson For a Vogue Paris Cover?

Scarlett vogue paris

A March 12th CNN video (below), discussing the fashion economic state, captures the vogue Paris team handling what could be the next Vogue Paris cover (minute 2:07). This of course could be a supplement cover, or one of a few as indicative from the below image showcasing possibly different covers. Or it could be nothing.

Though Vogue Paris has in the past featured celebs on their cover, for example Princess Stéphanie de Monaco for Dec 08, and Julianne Moore for May 08, it's not a common practice. Secondly Sarrlett does not have any upcoming movies this year so I'm not sure the exact purpose of featuring her, just yet.

The wording below says from what is clear to me: The Spirit of [Something]; and below it in white: Castle Luxury [something].


2 3

Embedded video from CNN Video


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