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Rodarte | From Dr. Jekyll To Mr. Hyde



If their previous collection were Dr. Jekyll, this collection has got to be Mr. Hyde.

Laura and Kate Mulleavy sent their models down the runway, as guests sat on foil wrapped chairs,  in outfits made up of leather, lace, metallics, crystals, and knits.

To guess what was going through their mind will take some time, but it seems their recent financial pot (Swiss Textile Award), which allowed them to further experiment with the material, should have been trickled down to them instead of being delved over in full.

Or maybe it was the damn blue car;

"The other day we were on the highway and we saw a car that was half blue, half white.  At the time, we happened to be in the middle of an argument about color, and that car kind of settled it, right there. Blue." (Quoted while working on this collection).

Car or not, I feel they went too extreme without regard to beauty.

Let's see how things bow for them. My love for them at this point is questionable.

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