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Vogue Italia Starting the 2009 Evolution, With Their January 09 Cover ♥


One day a museum should hold an exhibit of Vogue Italia's covers. Really! Month after month the magazine continues to deliver pieces of art. That's how incredible it's covers are!

For January 2009 Vogue Italia is starting the Evolution, and it's cover stars are models Anna Selezneva, Anna Maria and Viktoriya Sasonkina, as shot by Steven Meisel.

The editorial that then follows also includes models Natasha Poly, Nimue Smit, Karlie Kloss, Kinga Rajzak, and Sessilee Lopez.

Now, I don't read Italian so I cant say what the Evolution is. But if you do, please do visit and tell us!

Meanwhile here is the evolutionary imagery.

Update: from

"Vogue Italia
’s agenda for 09 is simple - innovate, influence and inspire. Steven Meisel’s elegantly minimalist editorial ‘Form Function’ pairs the seasons most inventive silhouettes with the groundbreaking architecture of Zaha Hadid. ...the story is truly about clothing as an artform. The juxtaposition between the lines of a Chloe dress and the curved panels of Hadid’s Chanel Mobile art pavilion shows us that impressive design knows no boundaries."

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