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Trends | Slip Out the Garter Belt!


Ummm...Wow? I think so!

Kelley Hoffman who writes for 'The Pipeline' picked up on this possible new trend.

She linked the "Undercover" editorial in V magazine, a couple of months ago, with this look put together by Gala, of

Gala called it 'the stocking revolution!'
We say, bring it on. It's simply fabulous!

Coppibarbieri210a Coppibarbieri210b Coppibarbieri210c Coppibarbieri210d



inspired by yr writeup on " SLIP OUT OF GARTER BELT", pls see below -my own interpretation based on my 3D computer graphic, hope u like it..comments are always welcome!


Cool Back to Madonna Now if we could get boys to wear dresses and skirts.....


No mater how you slice it garter belts are hot...

Posted by: Ronny | Sep 26, 2009 at 05:21 AM

Beautiful nylon-legs ;* sexy doll


I agree, garter belts are totally hot. I love the trend. I'm inspired to do a write-up about this one...

Posted by: jc | Nov 20, 2009 at 04:29 PM

like pippi longstocking !


Oh, my God, I'm going to faint


wow, sooooo sexy!spread!


Honestly, i'd like to wear them only in Paris street, i guess it'd be hot crossdressing(plus, many girls wear manly clothes outside), but as long the place is sure, that's ok, but certainly not to work.


Typically, i'd like to do like those two persons at New-Orleans:

The rest of the year, it's hard for a woman(& a male if he likes to crossdress)in many cities & many streets, but, once again, not in some "districts" of Paris^^.

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