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For Prada We [the Models] Stumble & Fall


00300m The fashion world has been abuzz, the last  Pradastamcouple of days, about the stumbling Prada models, during the designers Spring/Summer 09 runway show, yesterday. At least two fell down (Yulia Kharlapanova &, Katie Fogarty),  while a few more (including Jessica Stam) stumbled and ended up on the runways surface. The cause has been blamed on the "ridiculously high platforms", but Miuccia Prada guessed the sky-high snake-skin platform heels were so slippery because models wore them with little socks. The Telegraph reports:

“I was having a panic attack, my hands were shaking. The heels were so high,” one of the models said. “Some of the girls were crying backstage they were so scared.”

Whatever the reason this was the least of the designers problems.

The real problem is the way the show was perceived by the industry. 00900m While Mrs. Prada is considered the "it" genius living designer of our life time, (of all time as far as I'm concerned) many felt that her S/S 09 collection did not live up to her reputation. Time will tell though, as like a piece of art a collection needs some time to be digested and understood, and not just perceived. Impressionist art for example was first laughed at by critiques, to then go on to be a game changer in the history of art.

Or it could be that the designer simply needs a break from being a genius. By all means, after all, only God can continuously create perfection, while us mortals do the best we can, with our eventually limited abilities.

I personally liked the collection, and Mrs. Prada's explanation fairs well with me: "It's primitive," she said, "going back to what counts."

Below are some images, and a sample video of the show.

Prada03 Prada15 Prada28 Prada35


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